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Many people think that realistic tattoos have appeared quite recently, but this is far from the truth. It was in the middle of the nineteenth century that people began to depict portraits of Napoleon and Bismarck on themselves. Today the tattoo style of realism has not lost its relevance. Most tattoo masters consider realism to be the most difficult style in terms of applying technique. The most difficult part appears to be for the tattoo master to possess high artistic abilities, because he in fact has to transfer all the details of the drawing. A portrait on the body has to look as realistic as possible. So, the master spends hours drawing every stroke and detail of the picture. In addition, the tattooist needs to impose a natural tone so that the picture seems real. As a result of such work, a real picture appears on the body. Such a drawing should "breathe" and "live". Features of a realism style tattoo As it was already said, not every specialist can do this kind of work. He must have the talent of a tattooist and an artist at the same time. In addition, the tattoo artist must have a hand to perform at a high level in the style of realism. It is worth noting that this style of tattoo has a huge number of fans. A lot of people prefer this "lively" style. Brilliance, realism and uniqueness are the main distinguishing features of the modern Realism tattoo. The basis for creating realistic tattoos can be beautiful images or photos of loved ones. Also, one can use pictures of the favorite actors and famous people as well as images of animals and plants. The choice of a picture depends on personal preferences and tastes. Realistic tattoos can be done in any color scheme. These can be both Realistic Black & Gray Tattoos and Realistic Color Tattoos. Even tattoos in black and white can be particularly bright and realistic.