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The tattoo style Abstract Skady has double meaning. At first glance, it looks as if someone has decided to bring a little beauty to the world around him without imposing specific ideas. Or does the bearer of the abstract drawing prefer to communicate through symbols, and the tattoo contains deep meaning hidden from the uninitiated? When examined closely, abstraction can reveal certain character features even if there is no sacred code originally incorporated into the pattern. According to the laws of the genre, aesthetic preferences are practically unlimited and the sketches are subject to arbitrary geometric and color reconstructions which best facilitate self-expression. If you wish for contrasting tones in the red and black scale, an abundance of sharp angles and regular shapes, such choice reflects determination, impulsiveness, susceptibility, the desire to find harmony at any cost. Smooth contours and soft shades indicate the habit of conquering the world with oneʼs charm, self-control, wit and resourcefulness.