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Having a desire to get a tattoo on your body, it is vital to understand what style you want it to be applied in. It is no secret for any tattoo master that distinguishing modern tattoos into various styles is very conventional; there are no definite limits. Thus, each style includes elements of another style. Keeping that in mind it is still necessary to know that there are styles that require much clearer specification. One such style is Graphic. This tattoo style is sometimes also called Engraving style. Unfortunately, people with no knowledge of the matter get mistaken a lot and call any tattoo made in black paint Graphic. To distinguish Graphic from other styles is quite simple. Its main difference is the technique of drawing, namely the shadows must be tattooed in strokes. The distinct shading should be clearly visible; the Graphic's shadow has no softness. In a true Graphic no thinned black can be used, much less gray. The tattoo has to be made in deep black color with clear contours and shadows in the form of linear shading.