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Hand poked

What do you call an unpretentious tattoo perfomed even without special equipment? Flop? What if it was made by a good tattoo master, the author of many highly artistic works? Let us not be too quick and accuse him of unprofessionalism! A small picture, not distinguished by colorfulness, very simple, often of silly or obscene content – this is a typical example of the Handpoke tattoo style. Hand poked tattoo style does not imply the use of professional equipment. And why would you need it when the tattoo master has to cope with such a "complicated" task as a deliberately slanted inscription or a single-color simple motif? Who would want to decorate themselves with such "rock painting", if you can get a real "picture" in any tattoo-salon? In fact, the Handpoke style has many fans. There is a very special category of Handpoke style tattoo fans. These are true connoisseurs of tattoos in all their manifestations, whose bodies often do not show even a couple of centimeters of free space. They can organically combine the most different stylistic trends: Oldschool, Tribal and Handpoke with its unpretentious motifs can peacefully coexist in one sleeve. Such primitive home tattoos are transformed into a great way of self-expression. They literally shout out that their owner is not afraid to go away from the generally accepted standards. Nowadays tattoo masters working in this style professionally can perform very subtle and complex work.