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Pagan: Skandinavian

Drawing different patterns and symbols on the body refers to one of the pagan customs that survived into modern times. And that is why more and more people take interest in tattoos performed in this style. A bit of history Originally, various images were applied to the skin as charms protecting against dark magic, evil spirits and adversity. Colors were of great importance; drawings could be done in both monochrome and color techniques. Symbolism Pagan tattoos are divided into two types: Scandinavian and Slavic. Both are based on mythology and fairy tale images. Scandinavian The nautical theme is a leading one in Scandinavian symbols. The images of ships, storms and sea monsters are often found in Scandinavian patterns and symbols. Slavic In the past, tattoos of the Slavic type could only be worn by Magi and men of a certain age. It is believed that the Slavic runes and symbols have a very powerful energy and can both help or seriously harm a person. Unlike the Scandinavians, the Slavs worshiped nature. Plant and animal motifs were used more often than sea motifs.