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Biomechanical is one of the relatively young and yet most original tattoo styles. It appeared in the 80s of the 20th century thanks to the specific works of the Swiss artist H.R. Giger. Being guided by the original images, many tattoo masters began to create mechanically realistic pictures on a body. This tattoo style, which became an embodiment of cybernation of mankind, has gained particular popularity in the last decades regarding extensive development of computer technologies. The Biomechanical tattoo style presents an organic interweaving of images of mechanical parts and skin. A typical biomechanical design is a torn detail as if protruding from the body, images of microboards, chips, wires, etc. that create the illusion of extending the body parts. A scene from a computer game can also become the subject of a Biomechanical tattoo. Images of fantastic creatures that seem to burst out of the body also become widely popular thanks to a special technique of biomechanical tattooing. The unique detailing of each smallest element of the drawing, voluminosity and naturalness are the main features of the Biomechanical style. If first tattoos were exclusively black and white, modern progress allows using the most fantastic colors, shades and nuances to create craziest images in the best traditions of cyberpunk combinded with realism.