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Old school

Old School is a popular tattoo style that existed in Europe and America. This style appeared in the XIX century, when the body was usually decorated with drawings of anchors, ribbons, skulls and angels. Such tattoos were made by sailors, so this style often shows local names, quotes and names of famous events. This type of tattoo is done with very bright colors that are circled with bold lines of black hue. According to the history, sailors were the first people to revive the various arts and tattoos in Europe. The life of sailors was not easy, and only the strongest survived. They were quite superstitious people, so they believed that by depicting some signs on the body they could save themselves from the approaching storm or shipwreck. The drawings of canons and sailing ships were popular with sailors. However, despite the fact that they led a promiscuous life, they were constantly thinking about their families and children, so they often tattooed hearts, mermaids and names on their bodie. And so a new trend of tattoos appeared – Old School.