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If the vast majority of people associate a tattoo with something very bright, voluminous and clear, the style of Sketch tattoo completely renounces these concepts. The word sketch itself means a kind of draft, a light sketch, and that is exactly how a tattoo turns out – translucent, barely marked, not tolerating edges. The first stage on the way to a masterpiece is always a preliminary sketch, which is then filled with color and ink and acquires clear and bold outline. Some sketches are so good that they do not require further elaboration, they become stylish and original tattoos in the style of Sketch. Like a skilful pencil drawing on paper, the sketch tattoo is characterized by extraordinary artistry and exquisite beauty. Portraits, images of animals, fine patterns and interlacing strokes look very naturalistic and gentle in this style. The master performing such work must possess the art of the artist and creator, so that the picture turns out really "alive". It doesn’t tolerate any errors. It is worth noting that in addition to its direct meaning the word sketch has another popular interpretation. This is how short plays with two actors were called at the dawn of the twentieth century. Ten-minute skits often ended with great laughter and applause, as the speakers played out comedic scenes. Since then the word sketch in the art of tattooing has also meant a small simple plot, a drawing as an action, an image with meaning. A sketch of a gorgeous tiger in a graceful leap is also a kind of sketch, as is an image of, say, soccer players with a ball or hot beauties. An undoubted advantage of the Sketch tattoo is that it can be refined and embellished at any time. If life circumstances or simply an impulse of the soul demand it, the master can easily put some paint on the already made drawing, do delineation or add new strokes where needed. Most large-scale tattoos on the entire back or on the entire body have their beginning in the Sketch style and, because the result turns out to be so stunning every time, it is almost impossible to stop.