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Neo traditional

One of the newer styles that has become of quite an interest lately is the Neotraditional tattoo style. The familiar Traditional style has been renamed to Neotraditional. This does not mean that the Traditional style no longer exists. It’s just with the help of the first that the second style was born. The prefix "neo" means "new". Tattoo masters have breathed new life into this style. Work done in this style is not done in a hurry as usual traditional tattoos. The main features of the Neotraditional tattoo style are the clear edges and clear image for everyone. This style is performed both in color and in black ink. Tattoo masters often turn to blending, and then Neotraditional looks even more beautiful and brighter. This tattoo style gains most when combined with the Realism style. Popular works in this style most often depict people or animals. As a rule, both the former and the latter are quite aggressive looking from the tattooed body. Sometimes Neotraditional depicts skulls or existing objects in the form of crafts and toys. Tattooed insects are most often disguised in different patterns. Without paying close attention you may not even notice a fly sitting in the rose bushes.