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Geometric style in the art of tattooing has not that long history. At first glance such tattoos look like a simple set of figures: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, etc. Some people mistakenly think that there can be nothing attractive in these simple clear lines. But looking at the sketches that were performed by the tattoo masters in this style one cannot stop admiring the stretch of their imagination and truth to nature. Itʼs simply stunning how they transform any drawing (a flower, an animal, a female figure) into a geometric sketch, without distortion, with mathematical precision, weaving a pattern in, creating a plot and an image. This is filigreed work. Tattoos in the Geometric style are popular not only because they are attractive but also because they carry a hidden meaning. Even the most ordinary images conceal an unexpected subtext and in order to decipher it you need to understand each element of the image separately and then combine them all together. Geometric style in shapes Our subconsciousness is based on universal patterns, meaning that people perceive any line or figure intuitively equally. A tattoo in rounded lines is usually associated with peacefulness. After all there is no aggression in the smooth outlines. But it eradiates the desire for good and harmony. When an image contains a lot of sharp angles and broken lines, our subconsciousness perceives it as a constant movement, a desire to succeed. Such activity, even though containing some aggression, also has passion in it. A tattoo in the form of a triangle is chosen by a pragmatic, ambitious, energetic person who always aims to win. A square in a tattoo is a figure that means firmness in thoughts and decisions, a penchant for analysis, punctuality and attention to detail. There are also zigzag people. A tattoo with such a sign tells about their dreaminess, spontaneity, wit, an easy attitude towards money.