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This unusual and peculiar art dates back to the forties of the 20th century in the United States. But it was popular only among members of the underworld. Mostly Chicano style tattoos were made by Latin Americans belonging to various criminal groups and gangs. Certain body art was used as identifying signs of gang members. It is due to this purpose that the main features of modern Chicano tattoo art were formed. Today, just like before, tattoo lovers prefer drawings made in black ink with clearly shaped contours. No one can say today what exactly the meaning of these drawings was. All we know is that they were called Chicano but the drawings of this style have hardly survived to this day. The name comes from the ethnic group of the same name that lived in the United States in the 16th-17th centuries. Over time, members of this ethnic group melted away among the rest of the country's population. We can only say that they lived in the states of Texas, California, and New Mexico. At the beginning of American society, people did not yet have equal rights and freedoms. Like many other ethnic groups, Chicanos were brutally persecuted because of their dark skin color and Catholic religion. They could only do the hardest and dirtiest jobs that paid pennies and so they lived very poorly. But they managed to preserve their culture and bring it to our time in their original form. In order to survive such people often became criminals and formed their own gangs. That's when it was invented to use body art to indicate belonging to a certain gang. Mainly Chicano tattoos were images of Jesus Christ, St. Lucas and the Virgin Mary. Also, they could be various crosses and even entire phrases. These drawings most often told about the principles and moral values of the representatives of these gangs. Nowadays such tattoos have no longer the meaning they had before. Now it is just a beautiful decoration. Many people choose the Chicano style for their future tattoo. It is important to address the best tattoo masters with many years of experience, who will be able to apply a beautiful design quickly and competently.