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What is a tattoo? It is a piece of art that allows you to express one’s individuality, a way of self-realization and the embodiment of the impulse of the soul. If you are a romantic expressive nature and experience an urge for something romantic and unusual then the watercolor tattoo is the perfect call for you. Tattoo style Watercolor appears to be pure creativity, artistic improvisation or a certain drawing. It is a painting professionally embodied on the human body. A watercolor tattoo is art! Amazing, naive and somewhere childishly simple watercolor technique takes us back to the early years, when we experimented with watercolors painting not only sheets of paper, but also ourselves. These experiments stay in our memory to this day bringing back the rapturous impressions we had back then. Now these emotions can be immotalized on your body and the wish can come true. The founder of the watercolor tattoo style was Amanda Vachob. She achieved a unique resemblance between a tattoo and a watercolor drawing. In her works, the artist masterfully tattooed the drawing on the body in such a way that it seemed to be drawn with ordinary brushes. It is impossible to find words for how harmonious, diverse and impressive these tattoos are. One needs real talent to achieve such similarity and flawlessness. When choosing such a tattoo, it is important to know exactly what you want, what your soul is longing for. And then, dealing with professionals, it will look harmoniously on your body.