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New school

New School tattoo is a fairly new style. This trend started around the mid-80s, at the same time with the rave movement, and has spread throughout the world. This style does not have any strict limitations and is sometimes even a little philosophical. The main elements of the New School tattoo is to show as much imagination, humor and abstraction as possible. New School has in itself very similar elements to graffiti. The images are performed in bright colors, framed in black and bold outline; the drawings have volume, which makes them clear and easy to read from a long distance. New School, unlike Old School, develops the storyline of tattoos perfectly. If earlier all images were somewhat primitive and authentic, now the stylistics of tattoos and the technique of realization have stepped far ahead in terms of ingenuity and have become more bright, colorful and beautiful. Also, there is no denying the fact that in the New School style each symbol bears some hidden meaning.