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Black work

The amazing world of tattoos offers such a huge selection of different styles in performing tattoos that customers are simply lost with all the choice. This is especially true for lovers of bright colors. Those who prefer only the classic black color have it easier. Dipping into the Blackwork style, you can quickly find what you want. The Blackwork style implies the application of black paint on large areas of the body. An ordinary tattoo made in black has no right to be called Blackwork, but a black square on the body can undoubtedly be considered a piece of Blackwork style. Not everybody is ready to decorate their body like that but there are surprisingly plenty of fans of such large-scale tattoos. The choice of this style is the choice of people who admire the minimalism and austerity of black. Combining Blackwork with other styles Tattoo masters frequently combine the Blackwork tattoo style with other styles. After a high-quality performance unique beautiful tattoos appear on the body. Blackwork is best complemented by the Dotwork style which contrasts nicely with the black background. Many people come to this style because of the unpleasant experience of tattooing in the past. In order to hide the failed work of the tattoo master, a new Blackwork style tattoo is applied over the old tattoo. This technique works well and saves many from disappointment on their bodies. The master is obliged to warn those who decide to apply a tattoo in this style that this type of work cannot be corrected in the future. The technique of applying another style on top of the Blackwork style will only aggravate the situation. The tattoo will turn out poor quality and blurry. For performing a tattoo in the Blackwork style a good tattoo master normally demands decent money. What seems to be a simple and unpretentious tattoo is actually a painstaking work of the artist. This style should be performed by a person with great experience, beginners can not do it. The tattoo master must evolve good feeling for the tattoo machine and understand the specifics of human skin.