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It is a monochrome, usually black or gray, geometric pattern. The Tribal tattoo style originated in the sketches of Oceania and the Mayan civilization and the tribes of Africa. It was a symbol of connection between the soul and the body. These patterns with a variety of curves are common in today's multitude of tattoos. Since the technique is very ancient, it is inherent to change. Therefore, for today, the color scheme allows the use of different patterns with contrasting lines of not only gray and black, but also of bright colors. Tribal style expresses the inner feelings and emotions of the person and does not accentuate their image and appearance. Such tattoos can be applied on any part of the body: arms, legs, shoulders, back (for example, on the thigh). If you are a person who is into strength, style, combining beauty and power, impulse, extreme or who just wants to be different from others showing your dominance, then the Tribal tattoo style is created just for you. It will fit the contours of your body in a high-quality, harmonious and aesthetic way giving it the decorative touch.