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An engraving itself is an imprint of a drawing that has been engraved on a hard material (iron, wood, etc.). Engraving was first mentioned in the 6th-7th centuries. The first works were quite primitive, but time passed, the artisan skills improved, and subsequently various illustrations, motifs, landscapes, images of animals and people began to appear in the form of engravings. The Engraving tattoo style is characterized by all the main features of its progenitor. Black paint, a clear outline, neat lines, shading, all in all, the impression, as if we are watching a printed picture. What is the theme of the Engraving-style tattoo? The main theme of this style is medieval folklore, such as various coats of arms, frescoes, images of mythical heroes and monsters. Of course, it involves not only Middle Ages, the engraving can fit almost everything you want, it can be a musical instrument, a car, an airplane, a hero of a movie, a book, a comic book, and so on.