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For the past decade, tattoos have been gaining incredible popularity among people of all ages. They are no longer a symbol of belonging to a certain clan or to a place of imprisonment. Now tattoos are considered to be rather a work of art, because the tattoo master is an artist all the same, only instead of a flat canvas he has a living body with its own curves and reactions to skin irritation. There are many tattoo styles among which the style of "lettering" is very popular. It is a trend of artistic tattooing in which a word, a phrase or a text is inscribed using different fonts. There is an opinion that lettering tattoos are the prerogative of girls but this is far from being true. Statistically, girls prefer neat calligraphy while men prefer more brutal gothic. What are the benefits of lettering tattoos? There is a huge selection of fonts, just let your imagination run wild. The lettering will look equally advantageous on a wide man's back and on a woman's narrow wrist.