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Few people know that the art of tattooing first appeared in Polynesia. Perhaps that is why modern tattoos in the Polynesia style are among the most beautiful and intense. After all, there is not a single random element in them. History of Polynesian tattoos In ancient times in Polynesia there were very cruel mores, and everyone tried to survive to the best of their abilities. And tattoos played a significant role here. For example, a tattoo could serve as a disguise or help to bring the gods to your favour. Depending on the goal that was pursued, different patterns were put on the body. By the way, they could be applied on different parts of the body, including legs, arms and even the chin. The presence of such a tattoo indicated a high position in society. The secret meaning of patterns The Polynesia style tattoos remind of the art of woodcarving. Here the drawing also consists of a variety of intricate lines which wiggle, intersect, twist into a spiral and live their own life so to say. All lines are as a rule symmetrical. The drawings of this style most frequently depict sea animals that symbolize the Polynesian mythical gods: God-fish, God-shark, God-lizard and others. It is believed that a person, who chooses a tattoo with one of these creatures, thus chooses a patron able to protect him from his adversaries. Choosing a tattoo in the style of Polynesia the body will surely get a decent decoration, which will always cause admiring glances and desire to find out the secret meaning of the ancient symbolism.