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Ornamental is a Polynesian style that has survived several generations and managed to remain almost unchanged until today. A book can be written about this style because the symbols of Ornamental were painted only on the bodies of leaders, priests and fearless warriors of ancient tribes thereby showing their noble origin. Originally, tattoos in this style were the privilege of men only. The islanders tattooed patterns with sea urchin needles, plant thorns or shark teeth on the wrists, chest, tongue, genitals, so only a truly hardy man could endure such a test. The process of applying the ornamental tattoo was considered a sacred ritual and was performed only by a priestess. If for some reason the pattern was inaccurate or unfinished, the drawing was considered a disgrace not only to the warrior himself but also to his family. Features of the Ornamental Tattoo Style Distinct, clear lines are characteristic for this style; the printed pattern resembles woodcarving. The range of elements is very large, but the main are braids, spirals, waves, Celtic cross, knot and other broken and straight geometric elements. In addition to geometric figures the Polynesian style includes marine and plant themes such as ferns, sharks, turtles, owls, the moon and the sun. Choosing a tattoo in the Ornamental style you must know the meaning of the picture, because it may include human qualities, some kind of advice or protection. You should not rely on the trends, because they tend to be fickle.