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Dotwork is a unique style of tattooing that differs significantly from all others. The main feature of the style is that it is based on a singular dotwork technology. Thus, the entire tattoo consists of dots. As a rule all such works are large in size. This can be explained by the fact that the picture of dots of small size looks ugly. Very complex drawings are made in the Dotwork style, most often of geometric shapes. Density of color, contrast and intensity are created with the help of dots. The color of the tattoo depends on the density of the dots. It is worth noting that only high class professional tattoo artists can make such a tattoo. This style cannot be universal, it is exclusively individual. So, the tattoo master must have his personal approach to work and distinct professionalism. Tattoos in the Dotwork style are rarely in color. The main colors in this direction are red and black. These colors perfectly complement each other and create a great contrast of nuances. Such tattoos look very spectacular and bright. Dotwork tattoos can be done in a style close to the popular Oldschool. Dots make very beautiful patterns of varying complexity and shapes. Whichever pattern you choose, it will always be unique. Therefore, if you want a truly original tattoo, then the Dotwork style is the right thing for you. Many tattoo masters say that Dotwork is a peculiar tool that allows you to create real masterpieces. This style was created for connoisseurs of everything new and original. It is also worth noting that only professionals who have artistic and mathematical abilities can create a masterpiece in this style. The thing is that the tattoo master needs not only to create a drawing but also to keep the symmetry. Calculating the ideal proportions is not as easy as it might seem. In addition, the dots need to be applied on the body in a certain order and at certain intervals. Otherwise, the tattoo will be ugly and uneven. Modern tattoo masters call Dotwork dot technique or pointillism.